Performance Tool

Studies show that productivity increases and absenteeism decreases when using RH chairs. Try our Performance Tool and see how an investment of our chairs can increase your profitability.

Short facts about RH Performance Study

RH Chairs have made several Performance Studies


Our studies show between 0% increase in productivity, up to 12% increased productivity when using RH chairs.

The studies also show 0% reduction in sick leave up to 25% reduction in sick leave.

The average rates of productivity and sick leave are:

3% increase in productivity.
10% reduction in sick leave.

Investment in our chairs can increase your productivity. See how it works.

Enter number of chairs required.


Enter average hours worked per day (e.g 8 hrs).

8 hours

Enter average hourly wage plus related costs.


Enter the effective hours worked as a percentage. Allow for breaks and downtime.

68 %

Enter price per chair.


The average increase in productivity when using RH Chairs is 3 %. (Based on RH Chairs Performance Study.)

3 %

108 800 £

Current profit per day

112 064 £

New profit per day


Break even (days)


New productivity

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Number of chairs:

Working hours per employee per day:

Current productivity in %:

Profit multiplier:

Average hourly cost per employee:

Average hourly profit per employee:

Current profit per day:

Increase of productivity in %:

New productivity:


New profit per day:

Increase of profit per day:

Price per chair:

Total price / Your investment:

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