Ergonomi - vår syn på natruligt sittande

A chair designed to create movement

Nature never intended us to sit sedentary in an office chair. We are designed for movement. The RH chair has been designed to encourage movement and to help you to sit as upright as possible.

Move around.

Sitting is a passive activity. If you choose an RH chair, it doesn’t take much to keep you moving. The chair follows your smallest movements, giving the correct support in relation to your height and weight in order to relieve pressure points. If you stretch out your arm to pick up the telephone, the chair will follow and you move backwards. The RH chair reduces inactivity and the negative consequences of the seated position. The more you move around, the longer you can sit without causing damage to your health. In other words, our view of ergonomics in not entirely unlike nature’s. This has helped us to become one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of ergonomic office and work chairs.


The technology in 2PP™ means that the body is exposed to a lot of variation and relief, even when you move, since the chair's basic settings remain unchanged this makes you able to do more and concentrate better. Which improves your performance.

Click here to see how 2PP™ works in practice (Use arrow keys to navigate).



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