Here are answers to some of the most common questions we get asked about RH and our chairs. Of course you are welcome to contact us directly or one of our dealers.

Which chair should I buy?
Different chair models have different features. The chair that will be best for you depends on several factors, such as the type of work you do and the environment you work in, your physical abilities and your way of working. On top of that, of course, are specifications for design, form and colour. Please contact us or one of our dealers and we will offer additional help in making your selection. We’re even more than happy to lend you a chair to try at your company.

Are RH chairs for everyone and for all work tasks?
Yes. Our wide range has chairs that basically meet all requirements, individual needs, work tasks and work environments.

Can I try your chairs before I buy?
Yes. Most of our dealers have demo chairs that you can try at your workplace before you buy.

What colours and upholstery materials do you have?
We have a wide range of standard fabrics and colours available. You can also choose your own fabric or leather. Please note that this will take slightly longer to deliver.

What are your delivery times?
We have a range of standard chair models for fast delivery within about one week.

Do RH chairs come with a guarantee?
Yes, most of our chairs have a 10 year guarantee.

Are RH chairs quality tested?
Most of our models are approved in accordance with EU standard EN 1335-1. Our complete range is put through rigorous testing and quality control and is built for long and trouble-free use.

Are RH chairs a good choice for the environment?
RH Chairs was one of the first companies in our market sector with through-and-through environmental thinking. Through our ‘Recycling Guarantee’, we offer to recycle old RH chairs. Our chairs are manufactured from natural materials where possible, and the chair parts are quick to disassemble, sort and recycle.

What do I do if my chair breaks? 
In the unlikely event that your chair has a fault, contact your nearest dealer who will advise you on spare parts that you can change yourself. They will also help you if you need to hand in your chair for repair.

Can the seat and back pads be changed?

Yes, they are easy to change on most of our models. The pads are assembled with a snap function and released/assembled with one simple move.

Can I order accessories after my purchase?
Yes, as long as the accessories can be ordered and assembled afterwards.

Why are different types of castors needed for different types of floors?
There are many types of castors with different features adapted to the type of flooring. There are castors for hard and for soft floors, castors that lock under loading, etc. More information is in each chair range section, under ‘Accessories’.

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